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Holy Spirit, brooding, breathing,
Sighing where there's empty dark;
Holy Spirit, stirring, seething
Life where only death's at work.
Holy Spirit, God's power moving
Through your Church and world, our lives,
Hear us, fill us, save us, send us
Out to where your power revives.
Holy Spirit, scattering, seeding
Earth with rich variety;
Holy Spirit, driving, leading
Us to listen, hear and see.
Holy Spirit - God's confusion
Of our sameness by His grace
Breaks us, mends us, moulds us, makes us
Till we start to see Christ's face -
In the stranger; in the neighbour,
In all those who share this earth;
Holy Spirit, by your labour
Help us hear and see their worth.
Then we'll gather from the places
We've been serving in Christ's name;
Then we'll come, a myriad faces
Drawn to God's eternal flame..

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