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Holy Week 3: Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Cheap MondayReflection accompanying image “Carnaby street easter testimony

Walking down Carnaby Street in London you just can't miss the eye catching skull logo of the Cheap Monday Store. Such death-in-your-face design is an interesting marketing ploy and is clearly one that works, although I don't for one moment think that this is the construction put on the skull by the designers or the shop's target demographic. Seeing a stark emblem of our finitude like this runs counter to our society's inherent desire to avoid matters of death and dying. As soon as I saw it my thoughts turned to Holy Week and Easter.  Holy Week has the same effect as the skull logo on Cheap Monday's store. For those minded to see with the perception of Easter faith, the tragic events of Holy Week open up a dramatic dimension to our understanding of life and eternity. We are brought face to face with death; in the execution of Jesus and the two criminals, in the death-dealing brutality of the Roman Empire as it eliminated opposition, in the rebellious mob behaviour of the crowd lusting for violence, and the deadly conniving of the clerics.




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