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House Creed

contributor: Chris Goan


This piece was part of a worship event at Greenbelt, playing with ideas of ‘home’. We were trying to confront the idolatry (in ourselves, but also in our culture) of home ownership. All the TV make overs and aspirations for bigger, better, more stylish, more bedrooms and a posher driveway. We saw these things as not in any way problematic in themselves, but perhaps might be seen as the ‘god of the age.’

Part of worship event examining 'house worship' and how me might better use our property for the Kingdom of God.
Used with several voices.

Can be used in conjunction with 'Beatitudes for Houses'.

House Creed (Read by several voices)

We believe in the Great Architect- the planner of this town and this estate
He who blesses our streets and admires our front gardens
Through him our aspirations are met
And our mortgages are made
By his power we will climb the property ladder
We will move from terrace to semi detatched
Until we are granted the blessing of 4 bedrooms
And a double garage
And we will not forsake the call of pilgrimage
We will worship at the great cathedral of IKEA
And the holy see of Homebase
We will praise him on the orbital sander
The tile cutter
The cordless drill
For this shrine we make is sacred

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