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Imagining the Lectionary: Faith - fashionable, desirable and essential
(Sunday before Lent B - Transfiguration Sunday)

Reflection accompanying image “Faith fashionable desirable essential”

I could not help but notice the irony of the manufacturer's name which frames this display of up to the minute fashion shoes in a local department store.   I have no doubt that the brand 'Faith' see their products as a fashionable, desirable and essential part of a chic wardrobe. Having taken the photo I added in the subtext myself to point up the irony that Christian Faith is seen by the secular majority today as anything but these things, and to some it is in fact their polar opposite: unfashionable, undesirable and inessential. Or worse.

As someone whose life is dedicated to faith, and for whom faith is the lens through which I am enabled to live my life abundantly with such enriching meaning and purpose, I find the hard edge of contemporary secularism quite difficult to come to terms with.  How can something which matters so
much to me incite ridicule and hostility in some and be such a complete irrelevance to others?

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