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The Cloak and the Power of Elijah
2 Kings 2:1-3:3

I once had to change a flat tire by the Dead Sea. I jacked the car up and in the process of changing the tire or loosening or tightening the wheel nuts, I lay on the sandy but hard ground. It was summer and hot, and when I got up a whole layer of skin peeled off my back (without it hurting or doing lasting damage). It’s weird down there, a thousand feet below sea level. People who go to Israel are often advised to take a copy of their local newspaper with them so that they can be photographed floating in the Dead Sea reading the newspaper and then get their photo in its next issue. It really can be done. The Jordan Rivers empties into the Dead Sea, but it’s a dead end; its water leaves the Dead Sea only by evaporation. The minerals in the water, which are good for us in small quantities, stay there, so the water is undrinkable and so dense it supports you so that you can get that photo taken...

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