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A Tale of Two Women
2 Kings 4:1-44

Among my friends are a number of young couples who have been hoping to have children, and it has never happened. They then go in for medical examinations of various kinds and for treatment of various kinds. One couple had eggs implanted, but they never “stuck,” and I think the couple have now become reconciled to never having children. In the case of another couple, a doctor decided that the wife needed a certain form of treatment and encouraged her to think that this might solve the problem. I imagine it was hard then to live with that encouragement. You don’t know whether to believe the doctor (and maybe if you don’t believe, it won’t happen?). You don’t want the encouragement to be something that eventually leads to a deflation worse than the gloom you already felt. Then last year this particular woman got pregnant, and you wonder whether this time will lead only to miscarriage (I wondered that; I didn’t dare ask them whether they wondered that). But two weeks ago she had her baby!...

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