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Yahweh’s Good Spirit and Yahweh’s Bad Spirit
1 Samuel 15: 34- 16: 23

I was recently reading a profile of Clint Eastwood; it was this profile that made me think about his movie Unforgiven in connection with 1 Samuel 13. In that and other later movies he is both actor and director, but he started off simply as an actor, and I had not realized till reading this profile that he was a hunk. No one meeting him in his twenties would have thought he was any more than a good-looking, tanned Californian who liked beer, women, cars, and music. Yet as an actor he became a kind of mythic hero and redemption figure like John Wayne, and then as a director he came to explore the ambiguity of the violence he once embodied, to explore lostness and vulnerability, guilt and self-destruction, and to face how our past decisions and acts and experiences shape us in a way we cannot escape. Being good-looking and being thoughtful turn out not to be incompatible..

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