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Thursday, Friday Morning
Genesis 1:20-25

A whole corner building in the downtown area of our city was recently reconstructed and remodeled, and to my astonishment what opened there was a store that just sells boxes. A friend of ours got a job there and told us that she was also surprised, but that there were plenty of customers. Many people wanted to sort out their lives, and they reckoned that sorting out their “stuff” would help a lot in that direction. I know someone else who has no boxes but has vast amounts of stuff overflowing from everywhere; she can never find anything. It is a human instinct to need some structure in our lives and in our homes, though many people find it hard to get that structure. One of my sons used to have a notice on his desk proclaiming, “A tidy desk is a sign of a sick mind”; from the desk’s clutter you could see why he needed to say that. (He has since changed.)...

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