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I’m fed up to the Teeth with Your Worship
Isaiah 1: 1-20

We just came home from our Palm Sunday service at church, a great occasion. As usual we began by distributing palm crosses; I can never take for granted that in California we can make our palm crosses from palm branches on trees that grow in the church grounds. We re-enacted the events of the first Palm Sunday as we processed around the church grounds and back into the street to the church’s main entrance, singing the Palm Sunday hymn “All Glory, Laud, and Honor.” Even more moving was the dramatized reading of the account in Mark’s Gospel of the last week in Jesus’ life, with members of the congregation taking different parts but all of us joining in those terrible, repeated words, “Crucify him!” More than one person commented on how this brought them near to tears, while someone who shared in the leading of the service with me said afterward, “Well, that was a well-done service.”…

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