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Job 41:1- 34

My wife is a bit apprehensive about monsters and can occasionally be scared for a moment by a shadow that might be some strange creature. For our honeymoon she was nevertheless keen to go to Scotland, from where her ancestors came, even though Scotland is also the land of the Loch Ness Monster. It is said that in 1933, the year of the modern discovery of the legendary sea-serpent-like creature, the Secretary of State for Scotland ordered the police to prevent any attacks on it. But reports of the creature go back to the sixth century, when a man was allegedly attacked and killed by it. It then also threatened to attack one of Saint Columba’s followers; Columba made the sign of the cross and commanded the creature to halt—which it did. It is the kind of story that is told about saints, which illustrates the way in which strange creatures, and especially strange sea creatures, have long been symbols of frightening and threatening power...

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