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The God Who Commands the Dawn
Job 38 1-15

On some people’s calculations, the world is due to end today. If you are reading this book, it didn’t end, or, alternatively, you and I were left behind. I am pretty confident it won’t end, though the basis for my confidence is different from that presupposed by the amused media reporting on the expectation. The Day of the Lord is going to arrive one day, and Jesus is going to appear, but the calculations that identify today as the day are false. Indeed, any such calculations are based on false premises. If I were God, and it happened that today was due to be the day, I would be tempted to change the date to put mortals in their place. Alternatively, if today was not due to be the day, I would be tempted to change it to today (or at least to arrange for an earthquake, preferably somewhere harmless), to put the skeptical and amused people in their place...

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