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She’s a Moabite, for Goodness’ Sake
RUTH 1:19b-2: 9

I was just reading the story of a man called Maxo who died in the earthquake in Haiti a couple of weeks ago when his house collapsed on top of him. His cousin in New York called Maxo a hustler, but his story showed how he was always hustling on behalf of other people. The last phone call his cousin received from him three days before the earthquake related to his trying to raise money to rebuild a school in their home village in the mountains. The time before that, he was trying to raise money for a coffin for a neighbor who had died. In 2004 he took his aged minister father to Miami to try to get medical treatment, but they were put into detention, and his father died there. When the earthquake happened, his house was full of people, such as children he tutored after school and parents who were there to talk about their children’s schoolwork. People who cared about Maxo dug for days hoping to find him alive, but in the end they found only his body...

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