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The Country That Remains to Be Possessed Is Very Great
JOSHUA 13:1- 14:15

At my wife’s memorial service in England this past summer, I saw one of my cousins whom I had not seen for over a decade, and this week I had a Christmas card from her. She wrote, “Various members of the family have asked me whether you would ever return to the U.K. to live,” and expressed the hope that we would all see more of one another (which I think we will). “I’m fishing, aren’t I?” she concluded. So in the note I sent with some of my Christmas cards I said, “A number of people have wondered whether I will go back to England. It’s said that you shouldn’t make decisions of that kind for a year after losing someone; but anyway, at the moment I feel I have not run out of vocation or energy or marbles, and as long as I have those, I shall carry on teaching and going to Malibu for lunch on Saturday or Sunday.” There are a lot of things I still want to do in the United States before I retire...

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