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Proper 11
Luke 10: 38-42

Gaze at Martha, inviting Jesus in for a rest and a meal. How she wants to please him! She is bustling about humming quietly to herself with pleasure. She dashes round with the duster, then sets the cushions straight. Next she potters in the kitchen, getting the food ready, chopping and boiling and stirring. But she is beginning to get a bit hot and bothered now. Her hair is escaping her scarf. Time seems to be rushing along and she is nowhere near ready. Her early good humour is beginning to turn sour. She can smell something burning on the stove, and still the table needs laying. Surely Mary can do that? Feel her rising anger. Do you share it? Taste her resentment and her frustration that once again she, Martha, is relegated to the kitchen, unnoticed and overlooked...


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