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The Second Sunday of Lent
Mark 8.31-38

Gaze on the obedient wood, used to make a cross for a Roman execution. It has been cut down from a great tree, unable to resist or refuse the terrible role it will play. The vertical beam is permanently in place waiting for the next victim on this horrid site outside the city; it is much taller than a man and can be seen from far away. The criminal has struggled to carry the cross beam there and first is fixed to it, before he is lifted up and the two planks of wood are fitted together. The man’s body writhes in slow agony.

Gaze on the cross on your local church altar, made of gold that shines in the slightest light. It is sturdy and bold and planted in the centre of the church. We bow to it; some people genuflect, for we honour and respect it...

Taken from Gazing on the Gospels Year B by Judith Dimond


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