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Jesus’ Call to Watchfulness
Luke 12.35-48

My most embarrassing moment of the year came while waiting at an airport to check in for a flight to Tel Aviv. I was leading a small pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and we had risen very early in the morning to get to the airport on time. We had luggage, tickets, and . . . only one passport between my wife and myself. It was hers that was missing. We searched bags, coats, and pockets. I telephoned my neighbour to go into my house and look there in case I’d left it behind. The other members of our party looked on in a mixture of sympathy and embarrassment. I won’t even try to describe what my wife was thinking. Then, just as we were thinking she would have to come on the next day’s flight, I moved a suitcase and out fell the missing passport. It had slipped down between two bags while I was checking the tickets, and had stuck there, invisible...

Taken from Luke for Everyone – by Tom Wright

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