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The Desolating Sacrilege
Matthew 24.15-28

In many countries, one of the things children look forward to is going away to a summer camp. The weather is warm, there is swimming and boating, there are old friends and new ones, there are songs round a campfire, there are sports and games and shows. Everyone – at least in theory – has a great time.

One of the games that some camps play is ‘hunt the leader’. Two or three adults from the organizing team dress up in disguise, making themselves completely unrecognizable, and go into the local town. The children are then brought into the town, and have to go around and see if they can find the hidden leaders. This, of course, means looking at lots of people who aren’t in disguise at all, but are just their normal selves. There are lots of wrong guesses. Eventually they find them, and suddenly it seems obvious: of course that’s her! Yes, of course that’s him! But at the time it seemed as though the disguise would deceive them for ever...

Taken from Matthew for Everyone – by Tom Wright

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