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Drama/Dialogue: Oh, no! Not that again!

1. Oh no! Not the Good Samaritan again! I don’t believe it!

2. You mean you don’t believe the story of the Good Samaritan? It’s one of the most favourite ones in the whole Bible.

1. Of course I believe in the story – it’s just that we never seem to hear the end of it.

2. Oh, I know what the ending is. The Samaritan takes the wounded man to an inn and ………

1. Oh, come on! I didn’t mean I didn’t know the ending of the story, I meant that we keep hearing the whole thing over and over again.

2. But it’s good, isn’t it? I mean it’s got everything. Mugging, passers-by who couldn’t care less, and the character you least expect to be the hero turns up trumps. What more could you want?

1. What I want is a change of story.


© Marjorie Dobson

(First published in Nothing Too Religious – Andrew Pratt/Marjorie Dobson, by Inspire.
Now available from the authors on this website.)

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