Dramatic dialogue - When did we see you?
(A piece for two – or more – voices)

When did we see you?
You saw me on the street trying to sell a copy of the Big Issue, but you don’t really approve of the content of it, so you avoided me and satisfied your conscience that you should not buy it.

When did we see you?
You saw me in the TV pictures of starving children and the appeal letters dropping through your letter box, but you believed that the people who ran charities were probably pocketing too much of the money for themselves, so you kept your money safely in purse, pocket and bank.

When did we see you?
You saw me rolling down the street and falling on my face because I’d had too much to drink after my friends had persuaded me that I would have a good night out, but you were disgusted by my behaviour, so you pretended not to notice and hurried past with a disapproving look.

When did we see you?
You saw me in the refugee seeking safety in your country, but you were suspicious that my only motive was to take away a job from someone you knew and you condemned me for working for low wages in order to gain some self-respect.


©Marjorie Dobson

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