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This one deals with the events of the rich man being told he must give everything away to follow Jesus from the point of view of the rich young man.

Money Can Buy You Everything!

Give it all away! Give it all away! Just who does he think he is telling me to give it all away? Doesn’t he realise how important my wealth is? Doesn’t he realise how long it took for my family to accumulate all that I have? Doesn’t he realise the good that I can do with it all?

And it’s not mine either. I only hold in trust for others who depend on me. Sure, I have a fine house with lots of rich furnishings and I live a comfortable life. But that’s only to be expected. When you’re the head of a family that has been established as long as mine you’re bound to collect all sorts of fine things around you. And I look after the servants and slaves. They may not live as well as I do but they are much better off than some I could show you. My wealth enables me to treat them well.

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