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Lent for Everyone
Mark Year B

...So there we were on the boat, we didn’t know why he was in such a hurry that we should get away, and we didn’t know where he’d gone now or what he was expecting would happen next. It just seemed that there was quite a sense of excitement after that extraordinary business with the loaves – once people had got over their hunger they started to ask questions, they wanted to know how it had happened, and some were getting very enthusiastic . . . and then Jesus told us to leave at once. The last thing we saw was him heading up into the hills. Probably off to pray again, he’s always doing that, wish I knew what he said.

Anyway, we were back to the usual routine, on the boat, taking turns with the sails, though that didn’t last long because the wind swung round, unpredictable as ever with all those hills round the lake, and so it was back to the oars again. All right for those who’d always done it for a living, but for the rest of us it’s horribly hard work, and you take the skin off your fingers if you don’t grip the oar properly, which I never seem to be able to manage. And for most of the time it looks like you’re not getting anywhere; watching the landmarks on the shore, we didn’t seem to be moving much at all...

Taken from Lent for Everyone Mark Year B by Tom Wright

Publisher: SPCK - view more
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