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Scripture and Jesus

Jesus Accomplishes That to Which Scripture had Pointed

‘When the time had fully come, God sent forth his son . . .’ (Galatians 4.4). Understanding Jesus within his historical context means understanding him where, according to scripture itself, he belongs. A historically grounded understanding of his proclamation, achievement, death and resurrection suggests that at the heart of his work lay the sense of bringing the story of scripture to its climax, and thereby offering to God the obedience through which the kingdom would be accomplished. As he himself declared, ‘The time is fulfilled; God’s kingdom is at hand.’ There is of course quite a lot to be said about Jesus himself, and within that about his relationship to Israel’s scriptures. I have written about this at length elsewhere, and for our present purposes only need to draw out some short, but vital, points. (See, for instance, Jesus and the Victory of God [SPCK, 1996]; The Challenge of Jesus [SPCK, 2000].)...

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