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This book brings together my reflections based on the weekly biblical readings in the official lectionary now in use in the Church of England. The pieces first appeared in the Church Times; the encouraging response to them suggests that they should be made available in a more permanent form.

The lectionary offers a three-year cycle of readings, set out in The Christian Year (Church House Publishing 1997). This first volume of reflections covers Year C, which will come into use in Advent 2000 and every third year thereafter. Two more volumes, covering Years A and B, will follow in succession, completing the set of Sundays in all three years. No attempt has been made to cover the readings for the various Saints’ Days that may from time to time fall on a Sunday. Every possible regular Sunday, however, has been covered, including the extra ‘Propers’ provided after Epiphany when Easter is late and after Trinity when Easter is early. I have used the ‘continuous’ set of readings for the Sundays in Ordinary Time after Trinity, rather than the ‘related’ set in each case...
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