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Agrippa and Bernice
Acts 25.13-27

‘To see ourselves as others see us.’ That telling line from Burns (actually, he wrote ‘oursels’; but someone would think it was a misprint if I had put that) sums up a good deal of the task of human communication. I am in correspondence, as I speak, with a man I have not met who has read a good deal of what I write, and yet when I read what he says, which is kindly and wisely expressed, I have a sense that I am seeing myself from an angle I do not recognize and, obviously, from which I need to learn something. And a great part of the task of mutual discussion between the great communities of religious faith in the world is the challenge, which must perhaps come before anything else, to see ourselves through one another’s eyes. This is not just politeness, good manners, though it is that too. It is part of effective communication...

Taken from Acts for Everyone Part 2 by Tom Wright

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