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People Who Walk in Darkness

A dialogue for two voices, reflecting on the words from Isaiah (which should be read at the start).

READER: The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light (Isaiah 9:2)

ONE: The people who walked in darkness . . . Do people walk in darkness?

TWO: Plenty of them do - not literally, but people live under a shadow, maybe for a short time, maybe for most of their lives . . .
People walk in the darkness of fear.

ONE: Youngsters afraid of the bullies at school or of making fools of themselves in front of the others.

TWO: And there are those who hear their parents quarrelling and wonder if their lives are going to fall apart.

ONE: Adults who are afraid they may be the next to lose their job - and how will they manage?

TWO: Old folk who are afraid of being mugged or conned or burgled or attacked.

ONE: And people in other parts of the world who fear the sniper, the gunman and the bomber.

TWO: The earthquake, the eruption or the hurricane.

ONE: The tsunami or the relentless rise of the ocean.

TWO: There are people who walk in the darkness of loneliness.


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