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For some strange reason, human beings connect mountains with God. In many ancient religions, worship took place on the ‘high places’. Even today, we talk of ‘mountain-top experiences’, despite having left behind the notion that mountains are closer to God’s supposed dwelling in the sky – although high-altitude jet travel does make some people pray more fervently! Mountains were also important in Israel’s religious development, especially Sinai (and its connection with Moses) and Zion (forever linked with David). On these two mountains, God met his people in covenants. At Sinai (also known as Horeb) the law and covenant were given (Exod. 19—24; 1 Kings 8.9), and Elijah renewed his vision of God (1 Kings 19.8). Zion was David’s city (2 Sam. 5.6–10; 6.1–19), the site of worship in the Temple (1 Kings 6; 2 Chron. 3—5; see especially Psalms 120—134) and the future venue for the final consummation both for Israel (Is. 35.10; Jer. 31.12; Ezek. 20.40, and chapters 40—48) and for all the nations (Micah 4.1–2; Zech. 14.2, 16–17)…

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