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Standing Firm by God’s Power
1 Peter 5.8-14

One of the great advances in tropical medicine came when researchers discovered how malaria was spread. They had been trying to treat the disease for a long time, but it seemed hopeless. As fast as you helped one patient, three more were contracting the disease. Then, one day, someone realized that it was the mosquito, of which there were millions, especially in low-lying and damp tropical regions, that was carrying the illness this way and that. Once they realized what the real enemy was, new steps could be taken, such as draining the swamps where mosquitoes had been breeding near human habitations, and inventing new kinds of netting so that people could sleep without being attacked by the nasty little insects. Malaria is still very unpleasant, but it is far less of a problem now that we know what’s causing it...

Taken from Early Christian Letters for Everyone – by Tom Wright
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