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Division among Jesus’ Followers
John 6.60-71

I once went to a lecture that was supposed to be an introduction to philosophy. It quickly appeared that the great philosopher wasn’t interested in introducing the subject, but in talking about it at a high level to the small group of eager postgraduates who already knew the basics and wanted to go further. I didn’t go back.

That was not, I think, the problem in verse 60. It wasn’t that Jesus was talking at too abstract a level – though no doubt there were some who found their heads spinning after the long discussion in the Capernaum synagogue. It was more that what he had said made a huge hole in their world-view, and when that happens some people prefer not to think about it any more. If you go to a meeting where someone demolishes the way you’ve been brought up to think, and offers you instead a way of looking at the world which, though convincing, will be extremely costly, you may well find good reasons to be somewhere else next time the preacher comes to town...

Taken from John for Everyone – by Tom Wright

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