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Ask, and You Will Receive
John 16.23-33

In the world of business you can often tell how important someone is by finding out how many people you have to ‘go through’, as we say, in order to speak to them. You telephone, hoping for a word with the chairman of the company. You get the front desk, who put you through to the main office suite. You get the person at the front of that. She or he puts you through to a secretary. They put you through (if you’re lucky) to the Great Man’s Personal Assistant. And that’s probably it for the day. The Great Man is busy. Or he’s in a meeting. Or he’s playing golf, or taking a nap (no, they won’t say that, but it might be the truth). Three, four or five people to charm your way around, and still you can’t get there...

Taken from John for Everyone Part 2 – by Tom Wright

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