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The Plan of Caiaphas
John 11.47-57

We hadn’t been in the country very long when we noticed that our host was driving in a strange fashion. At first, being sleepy from the journey, we thought we were just imagining it; but then it became quite unmistakable. He would drive along an ordinary road, and then suddenly take a sharp turn off, go along some narrow back roads, make a few other detours, and then come out again on what, we were sure, was the same road we’d been on in the first place.

Eventually we plucked up the courage to ask him. Why were we taking these odd little detours? What was the problem? ‘I thought you were going to ask me sooner or later,’ he said ruefully. ‘I didn’t want to scare you. But the fact is that we’re still quite close to the border here. There have been terrorist attacks on isolated cars, especially after dark. So every time I know we’re coming near a place where there have been incidents in the past, I take evasive action.’...

Taken from John for Everyone Part 2 – by Tom Wright

Publisher: SPCK - view more
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