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The Spirit and the World
John 16.1-11

I once saw a film based on one of Charles Dickens’s novels. The film was about poverty and the degrading effect it has on people. One of the most depressing scenes was in a lawyer’s office, as the relatives of a man imprisoned for debt were desperately trying to bring a lawsuit to prove that he was owed a large sum of money, which should be paid and earn him his release. The lawyers didn’t care. Their clerks didn’t care. Nobody cared. The case, written out on a fine piece of parchment, was rolled up, tied with a ribbon and left to gather dust along with dozens, hundreds, of others. Suddenly you could feel it: the cold realization that there was nothing you could do. Justice deferred is usually justice denied. And it was being deferred indefinitely...

Taken from John for Everyone Part 2 – by Tom Wright

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