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Light and Darkness
Ephesians 5.11-20

When I was studying for my undergraduate degree, which was in Classics, I had an idea for a special project. Keen as I was on music, I wanted to find out what sort of music people played and sang in the first century. I became quite excited about the project, and approached my tutor for advice.

My tutor, though, was discouraging. Quite a lot of work had been done on the subject, and it showed that we didn’t know, and probably couldn’t know, very much about what ancient music actually sounded like. Hardly any musical scores exist from the ancient world (about fifty, and most of them are in fragments). It is very debatable how precisely they were played. The subject very quickly became extremely technical, it seemed, and I would probably need a degree in physics to take it forward any further! I remain fascinated by the question, but frustrated at the difficulty of getting any clear answers...

Taken from Paul for Everyone – The Prison Letters by Tom Wright

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