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Jesus Condemns the Cities
Matthew 11.16-24

A bright red sports car swept by me in the street, with a roar of exhaust and a swish of tyres. As it slowed momentarily to take the corner, I caught a glimpse of the young man driving it: dark glasses, long hair, the hint of a beard. Rock music was playing at full blast on the car’s stereo. The sticker in the back window of the car said: ‘I’M THE ONE YOUR MOTHER WARNED YOU ABOUT.’ He was clearly proud of the fact.

Most societies have warned children about certain types of people, and the ancient Israelites were no exception. In the book called Deuteronomy, which sets out the commands and warnings given by Moses to the children of Israel immediately before they crossed the river to take possession of the promised land, there are clear warnings about certain types of persons and what they may do...

Taken from Matthew for Everyone – by Tom Wright

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