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The Death of God’s Son
Matthew 27.45-56

In many Christian bookshops around the world today you can buy posters to hang on the wall which remind you of some aspect of the Christian faith and life. Often they have biblical texts, set against a background of glorious scenery. Sometimes they are funny. Sometimes they include poems, or short meditations.

One of the best known of these is called ‘Footprints’. It tells of someone looking back over their life, lived in trust with God, seeing it like a set of footprints through the sand. There are two sets of footprints most of the way; you and God, as it were, walking side by side. But sometimes – and they were always the hardest times – there was only one set. Why, you ask, did God abandon you at that moment? Back comes the answer: in those times, my child, I was carrying you.,,

Taken from Matthew for Everyone – by Tom Wright

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