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Paul’s Appeal to His Children
Galatians 4.12-20

The French teacher was a strict disciplinarian. We weren’t allowed to speak a word of English during the classes, and neither did he. Everything, even trivial comments or requests, had to be made in French. He was determined that we would not only learn to read, write and speak in French, but come to think in it as well.

So we were all the more startled when one day he walked into the class, stood in front of us, and quietly spoke in English. We’d never heard him do that before. He was very angry. We had all done very badly in our examination the previous week. The only way he could make the point with sufficient shock value was to break his normal pattern and to talk in English, as though he were saying to us, ‘You’ve done so badly in French that maybe I can’t even speak to you in it any more.’ It made a deep impression. Then, after a few minutes, he resumed the normal lesson...

Taken from Paul for Everyone Galatians and Thessalonians – by Tom Wright

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