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People of the Lie
1 John 2. 15-29

The late psychotherapist M. Scott Peck once wrote a book called People of the Lie. It wasn’t, perhaps, as famous as his remarkable (though still controversial) book The Road Less Travelled, but I found it more thought-provoking.

In People of the Lie, Peck described and discussed some cases of extreme dysfunctional behaviour that had come his way. In much of his work, he said, he could track, to a lesser or greater extent, the causes of unhappiness in the people who came to consult him. Bad things had happened to them; people had ill-treated them, often in their early childhood; they had made wrong decisions and were reaping the consequences. Those problems are the stock in trade of the psychotherapist. But there were other cases where something radically different seemed to be at work. Something much darker, more sinister...

Taken from Early Christian Letters For Everyone by Tom Wright

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