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The Word of Life
1 John 1. 1-4

‘I have seen the future; and it works.’ That notorious statement was made by an American journalist, Lincoln Steffens, in 1919. He had just returned from a visit to the recently established ‘Soviet Union’, formed on Marxist principles after the Russian Revolution had swept away the old aristocracy and its method of government. Steffens was echoing the hopes of millions in Europe and America. Perhaps this entirely new ideal, this new way of ordering human society, was the answer to all the old problems of tyranny and oppression. Perhaps this was indeed ‘the future’, the thing that would come to the rest of humanity as a great revelation, a great display of enlightened progress. We would all catch up one day; but for the moment Steffens, at least, had had a glimpse into that future, and declared that it worked...

Taken from Early Christian Letters For Everyone by Tom Wright

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