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Suffering in Hope
Hebrews 10.32-39

He had watched and prayed and warned the people of what would happen if they didn’t turn away from their evil ways. He had hoped that some at least would listen, and that the nation as a whole would gradually be brought round to hear and obey. He had waited and watched and hoped.

And feared. Because he knew what the result might be if they didn’t. And he was right. Here they came now: a great enemy, fierce and strong, swift as a leopard, menacing as wolves, laughing at opposition, sweeping all before them. Why didn’t God act and stop them? Why did he let wicked pagans like this have their way in the world, worshipping their own military might and scooping up whole nations the way fish are gathered in a net?...

Taken from Hebrews for Everyone – by Tom Wright

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