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Mark For Everyone

MARK 1.9–13
Jesus’ Baptism...

...A famous movie-maker had a huge legal wrangle with his long- time mentor and guide. The younger man simply couldn’t handle criticism, and ended up rejecting the person who had helped him so much. When it was all over, a close friend summed up the real problem. ‘It was all about an ungenerous father,’ he explained, ‘and a son looking for affirmation and love.’

It happens all the time, in families, businesses, all over. Many children grow up in our world who have never had a father say to them (either in words, in looks, or in hugs), ‘You are my dear child’, let alone, ‘I’m pleased with you.’ In the Western world, even those fathers who think this in their hearts are often too tongue-tied or embarrassed to tell their children how delighted they are with them. Many, alas, go by the completely opposite route: angry voices, bitter rejection, the slamming of doors...

Taken from Mark for Everyone by Tom Wright

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