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The Second Sunday of Lent - Year A Genesis 12.1–4a
Romans 4.1–5, 13–17
John 3.1–17

‘Leave country, kin and home, and go.’ And Abram went. The call was like that other word, to leave and cleave, spoken before the Fall: a marriage vow, a challenge and a pledge of loyalty. Like, too, the older word to image-bearing Adam, and to Eve: be fruitful, multiply, and tend the garden. Now: I’ll make you fruitful – bless, through you, the world of thorns and thistles. Abraham, father of us all. Paul’s question, then, is not ‘what Abraham gained’, or ‘found’. Repunctuate (there were, of course...

Taken from Twelve Months of Sundays Year A by N T Wright

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