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The Second Sunday of Advent
Isaiah 40.1–11
2 Peter 3.8–15a
Mark 1.1–8

If John the Baptist was going to raise up the valleys and flatten out the mountains, he started in the right place. Jericho lies a long way below the road-sign that says ‘sea level’; Jerusalem, a long way above. Topography won’t matter when YHWH returns.

Nor will the transience of the rest of the natural order, including not only grass but human beings. What matters is God’s Word. The later Christian inclination to take all references to God’s Word to refer to the Bible itself is understandable but limiting. God’s self-disclosing, self-expressing being goes forth powerfully, emerging in prophetic oracles old and new, creating new worlds and new people to match and inhabit the new day that God’s return to Zion will bring about...

Taken from Twelve Months of Sundays Year B by N T Wright

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