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Gazing on the Gospel - Year B

The Third Sunday of Advent

John 1.6-8, 19-28

Gaze on John surrounded by the powerful. The contrast between his lack of credentials and simplicity, and their status and panoply of power, could not be greater. But he is quite unfazed. For John is a man of enormous nerve and strength of character. We do not know how he became like this. Perhaps his mother’s tales of his extraordinary birth gave him the courage not to be intimidated, for he is quite sure of his destiny. Gaze at his boldness in standing out from the crowd. The poverty of his life and the persistence of his message give him an authority that needs no training, title or certificate. Consider the long cast list in this story. 

Taken from Gazing on the Gospel Year B by Judith Dimond

Published by SPCK


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