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Gazing on the Gospel - Year B

The Fourth Sunday of Advent

Luke 1.26-38

Gaze on two Renaissance masterpieces: the Annunciation by Titian, and the Annunciation by Tintoretto. Even if you have never seen them let your imagination conjure them up... Both depict the same story, but they are very different. Titian’s Gabriel is gentle, with a peaceful, effeminate face and she (?) holds a lily in her hand. Mary kneels at prayer, a basket of sewing at her feet, and her arms are crossed in submission. Her eyes are gazing downwards at her prayer book. A single ray of light breaks in from outside the frame. The whole scene is one of stillness and tranquillity...

Taken from Gazing on the Gospel Year B by Judith Dimond

Published by SPCK

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