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Gazing on the Gospel - Year B

The First Sunday of Advent

Mark 13.24–37

Gaze on Jesus talking to the disciples. Has he set out deliberately to frighten them? They’ve left the Temple and Jesus will never return there. They are sitting on the Mount of Olives now; it is a tranquil place overlooking the bustle of Jerusalem spread below. And yet his images are all of disaster. He paints a picture of the natural world in crisis, where creation will be in turmoil.

Gaze on your television news at the pictures of tsunamis, earthquakes, and of erupting volcanoes. Listen to the witnesses giving their descriptions of the events. You can feel their fear and share their trembling. For they will never take life for granted again. They know the secret at the core of existence, that everything can be uprooted in a moment, and the world turned upside down...

Taken from Gazing on the Gospel Year B by Judith Dimond

Published by SPCK

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