Drama/Dialogue: Wine or Spirit?

A Pentecost dialogue for two voices, by John G. Cooper

ONE: Where on earth have you been? I've been sent out to look for you! If we don't hurry back the meal will be ruined!

TWO: I've been in the square with the others.

ONE: What, with that crowd of drunks who were shouting and waving their arms about this morning?

TWO: They weren't drunk - they were . . . inspired!

ONE: They sounded drunk to me - and what they were shouting about I don't know. I couldn't make out half of it!

TWO: That was the amazing thing that got so many people listening. Maybe some people could only understand part of what they were saying -

but everyone seemed to understand some of it, wherever they came from!

ONE: You must be joking! There are people from all over the place in Jerusalem at the moment. How could they understand?

TWO: Don't ask me - I'm just an ignorant local! I just stopped to see what all the fuss was about.


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