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Interview with Abraham

Interviewer: Good morning and welcome to the Sunday programme on Radio Hanslope. In the studio today we have the famous explorer Abraham who is making one of the world’s most amazing journeys. Mr Abraham, can I ask you first of all where you are going on this great journey of yours.

Abraham: I don’t know yet.

I (surprised): Oh, really. Um, well, where did your journey begin?
A: Ur.

I: Er, what?

A: No, Ur is a ‘where’ not a ‘what’. It’s where I came from. It’s sometimes called Ur of the Chaldees.

I: I see you spent some time in Haran. So why did you leave Ur?

A: God told me to.

I: Really? Is that all God told you?

A: No, God said I would become the father of a great family of nations.

I: Ah, what did your wife say about that?

A: She laughed.
I: Really. Tell us more. What is her name?


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