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After a discussion with God about the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham receives a visit from the Angel Gabriel. This sketch is based loosely upon Genesis 18:20-32.

Abraham: Hello Gabriel; what brings you here? I haven’t seen you around for quite a while.
Gabriel: Hello Abraham; it’s really good to see you again. We’ve just had our morning meeting, and my assignment for today is to come and see you. It seems you’re rather upset about this Sodom and Gomorrah business.
Abraham: You’re dead right I am. I just can’t get my head round all of those people being wiped out.
Gabriel: Well, I understand that they’re a thoroughly bad lot, up to all sorts of tricks.
Abraham: I guess so, but there must be a few good people.
Gabriel: Did you put that to God?
Abraham: Well, yes, I did. I asked him if he would spare the city if there were fifty innocent people.
Gabriel: What did he say?
Abraham: He said he would, but he didn’t hold out much hope. So I asked him if he would spare the city if there were forty-five innocent people.



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