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The Man Who Has Learned How to Be a Prophet
2 Samuel 12: 1- 15a

A pastor once came to talk to me because he had had an affair. He had actually “got away with it.” He thinks his wife never realized, but he knew he had behaved in a way that was both wrong and stupid, and he knew he needed to talk through what happened in order not to get into the same mess again. One thing that struck me was the gradual nature of the way things happened. The woman had come to him for counseling because she felt there was a sadness that permeated her life. She was attractive, and it soon became apparent that her marriage was unhappy. The pastor had some problems in his own marriage. All this ought to have rung alarm bells, and in a way it did—at least he took steps to involve one of his female colleagues in the counseling. After a while they all decided they had done what they could do, but the woman asked if she could come to see him one more time just for coffee, and that ended up with a farewell hug that turned into a kiss and. . . .

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