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The God Who Intervenes
Genesis 11: 3- 7

I was talking to a young man training to be a counselor. The program involves undertaking a chaplaincy in a trauma unit and working with people with brain or spinal cord injuries as a result of a sporting accident, car crash, gunshot wound, or the like. As a counselor and a Christian he finds it hard to know how to help such people come to terms with injuries that are destroying their lives and with the fact that God declined to intervene to stop the catastrophe and then does nothing to alleviate their suffering. Why did God not stop a drunk driver crashing into this woman’s husband and turning him into someone who cannot think straight and is full of anger at the devastation of his life? Or why does God not heal him, or give him strength to cope with what his life has become? Why did God let that baby’s mother do drugs when she was pregnant and then abuse her baby in a way that will affect it for the rest of its life?...

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