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You Are Not Alone
Psalm 3

When I watch a thriller such as one from The Bourne Identity trilogy, I wonder what it would be like to have everyone against me and not be able to trust anyone. Then I come out of the story at the end and realize that it’s just a story. But last night we watched a movie called Fair Game, about a CIA agent and her ex-ambassador husband who accidentally got involved in exposing the untruths about the intelligence concerning weapons of mass destruction on which our invasion of Iraq was based. Once again someone has everyone against her: people in the White House, her former colleagues in the CIA, the reporters camped on her doorstep, the people who send her death threats, the friends who thought they knew her but to whom she can’t explain things, and the husband from whom she splits for a while. This time the movie was “based on true events” rather than being pure fiction. Admittedly a story said to be inspired by true events is not pure history (Fair Game was made by the director of The Bourne Identity!), so you can’t press the story’s details. But being paranoid doesn’t rule out the possibility that in real life everyone is against you...

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